Top 10 Free Online Notepads of 2019

Free Online Notepads

Online notepad is a sort of notepad for those customary clients who work through the assistance of the web on the internet browser. This tool incorporates different highlights like an auto spare, sparing without making an account.

We can Sign up for a free record and spare notes as either “Private” or “Public”. It spares note even without making a record. All your report will be “Open” and you can just alter them from a similar internet browser. Through this web application, we can make numerous envelopes to arrange your notes and sort your notes by date or title.

Top 10 free online notepad which doesn’t require login or registration.

Write down your data immediately on these free online notepad applications on these websites.



    Just after opening the website there is a large blank space for text area and you can easily start your work the moment you visit the website. This website contains lots of frequently needed features like copy, paste, select partially or completely, undo or redo, etc. The most unique feature of this website is that we can adjust the text size by zooming in or out.

  2. Online Notepad Pro:onlinenotepadpro

    Online Notepad Pro is one of the growing free notepad online. This is the right one with so many features and easy to edit your saved files anytime anywhere. You can also make these notes as public or private in the time of needs.


    This free online notepad is one of the simple and with great features. aNotepad contains a title bar and converts into 5 different formats while downloading the file. This website contains a registration feature for the users who continuously wants to work on it and save their data privately in the cloud. As on you can share your online written files directly to some social media.


    This website first preview is like a plain sheet. This website does not contain lots of features but it is simple and very easy to use. In this free notepad, service contains a member login feature which helps users to save their files on the cloud and can access anytime they want to.


    The most unique feature on this notepad is, it autosaves to the cloud as you type in it and which is only deleted after 3 months of inactivity. This website preview is very unique as there is a full screen of the text area. Using this notepad service we can publish our work as a web-page.


    This website contains very simple UI as well as it automatically saves your written text in the browser itself as a draft. The most unique feature of this website is that you can create a temporary link which will be available for 2 hours which will be protected with a password.

  7. Primapad:primapad

    This is the best notes when you used with Friends and family. You can edit, update this from anywhere. This is best for business purposes too.

  8. Speech notes:speechnotes

    It is a multi-task tool that allows you to add auto-typing. so, this will save your time and efforts.

  9. Protected Text:protectedtext

    It allows you to save your data online for a long period of time. You can access this from similar apps in your mobile too.


    It helps to manage your notes under the same window with so many features. You can edit your notes and continue on it after a time escapes too.

These are the top online tools if you need you can pick anyone. Keeping writing notes.

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