Types of Lawyers in India and Their Specialized Areas

There is a lawyer for every type of legal matters that you need to resolve. There are different types of Lawyers in India and each of them is specialized in their field. Also known as ‘Attorneys’ you will get a civil, criminal, business and several other types of lawyers. In India, all these lawyers follow the Advocate Act and present the arguments of their clients in front of the court. Furthermore, lawyers may also act as a negotiator, legal advisor, and lots more. The primary objective of them is to make their clients understand the laws, the rules and regulations and their rights and at the same time uphold and protect it.

IP, Personal Injury and others

IP or Intellectual Property Lawyers specialize in intellectual laws and deal with copyright issues, patent dealing, trademark, software, music, websites, movies and anything that you cannot touch. Having enough technical knowledge they come under the government law. Personal Injury lawyers specialized in compensation claim cases from accidents caused by others due to negligence. You will also find Bankruptcy lawyers who are a specific segment of the category of Corporate Lawyers in India to deal with financial issues. for any family disputes such as divorce or custody, family-based property issues, partition or adoption you can meet with a Family lawyer.

Employment and other lawyers

For disputes in your workplace, you can meet with an Employment lawyer for successful handling of any labor issues. Mostly, these lawyers deal with the documentation process involved during hiring employees. You will also get Mergers and acquisitions lawyers to deal with the complex process of acquisition of MNCs and if you are dealing with a group of associates. For any immigration issues regarding passport and visa, you can fix an appointment with an Immigration lawyer especially if you want to settle outside the country. However, these lawyers are much different from the NRI lawyers in India that deals with the legal matters of the non-resident Indians.

Criminal lawyer and others

Just as the name suggests, a criminal lawyer will specialize in criminal cases that are ideally initiated by the government against the convict. They deal with robbery and theft, goons issues or drug trafficking, murder and its attempt and lots more. In this digital age, you will also get Digital Media and Internet lawyers to handle the legal issues related to terms and conditions of websites, piracy issues for movies and music, copyright and cybercrime issues. Apart from that you will get Real Estate Lawyers India as well as Property Dispute Lawyers to deal with any issues regarding property buying, selling, leasing and others whether you are common individual or a realtor.

Tax and medical issues

You can consult with a Medical Malpractice lawyer if you need to sue a doctor for any mistakes during the treatment. You can also drag the nurse, pharmacist, attendant, physiotherapist even the entire medical facility to court for that matter. You will get a lot of help from some of the Best tax lawyers in India if you want to deal with any type of tax-related issues such as direct tax, excess profit tax, business tax, gift tax, income tax, cessation and entry tax, purchase tax, entertainment tax and a host of others.

To sum up

Enlisting all different types of lawyers available in India is as difficult as the legal system itself. However, to keep it short and simple, you will find the best national and International Lawyers in India for handling any type of legal issues. It can be academic issues, banking issues, land and agricultural issue, animal issues, human rights, insurance, negotiable instruments, environmental and even constitutional matters.

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